Vega Showcase


Vega has an annual showcase for the third years to show industry members their work and secure internships. It's one of the most important evenings for third years.


Second years at Vega are tasked with coming up with a theme for the showcase. The project includes designing invitations, posters and gifts that might be presented to industry members.

This was a group project, and the theme we decided to work on was 'The Odyssey'. This worked as our concept was to show the journey that the third years had embarked on from first year onwards. The design incorporated bright colours and exciting low-poly visuals.

The emailer created for this consisted of elements that related to Vega and the reason behind it's name. The video starts of with stars shining - one for each specialisation that would be featured at the Vega showcase. The stars are then joined to make up the Vega constellation. The video zooms out and draws in on a ship on the sea - and ends with the details for the Vega showcase evening.