Adobe Awards

Adobe Awards

The Adobe Design Award is a huge design event that takes place annually. The brief was not medium specific and allowed the artist to take any approach to the deliverable.


I love Lexus as a car brand, but many people regard it as an old man's car. I wanted to change this outlook and prove that Lexus caters to young audiences as well as old. For this I had to find something that Lexus has in their culture to show that they are at the same level as all the other Luxury Sports cars in the market.

Lexus is steeped in tradition and this is how they deliever such high quality cars. One of the requirements to be considered a master technician at Lexus in Japan, is to fold an origami cat in under 90 seconds with your non-dominant hand. I found that this was a great insight to work with - it shows how Lexus is particular about who is allowed to handle the cars they manufacture.

From this I related each Lexus model to an origami animal and related a major characteristic of the animal to the car. The campaign consisted of posters, website design and short YouTube adverts.